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Audio Tiles

Background audio and sound effects are a way to enhance the RichCast Title but are by no means needed. If they are used, they should be consistently used throughout the RichCast.


The Audio tile supports audio files in the MP3, OGG and WAV format. It features five separate audio channels, accessed via the "Channel" dropdown. This allows five separate tracks to play simultaneously. To stop a track, either replace the audio in a new tile or have a blank audio tile with the volume set to 0.


Audio needs to be added to the project files before it’s able to be loaded in the tile. This can be done by using the Media tool or clicking the upload button inside the Audio Tile. Note: Symbols such as # in file names will cause the tile to not work. Remove them before importing the file to the project.


There are many effects that can be used to change audio tracks. Some, including echo and reverb, can be accessed in the "Effects" dropdown. Others, such as volume, delay, fade out and speed, can be added via the sliders. The pan of the audio can also be adjusted using the "L/R" slider.

Using multiple Audio Tiles in a row on the same channel will create a sequence, meaning the sounds will play one after another.


Audio can be tested within the tile using the playback options, and can be selected to loop.

Creators can have an audio clip play to completion before the Title progresses using the "Block Audio" button at the bottom (the icon that looks like a clock.)

Using the Voice channel (with no audio file inside the tile), Creators can alter the sound of the following Speak Tile's voice. These effects will continue until another Voice tile is placed.

Using the Video channel, the volume of a video can be altered.

For a video tutorial on Audio, click here.

Audio Icon Table Sep 2021.PNG
Audio Sep 22.PNG

Tips and Advice

Test your audio and make sure the volume isn’t too loud, but also is audible over the narration.


Use the effects we have provided to add extra depth to your sound effects.

Make use of the fade slider to fade different tracks in and out, or to alter the volume of tracks. This will make the Title feel more immersive to the player.

Use MP3 files where possible, especially for musical pieces, to avoid your files being too large for our file size limit (50mb).


If you do not have a way of having audio created for you, look for royalty free audio. We have a list of resources here.

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