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Visuals are a great optional way to enhance the RichCast Title, whether it’s illustrating environments, characters or visual effects. They can be portrait (9:16) or landscape (16:9). This can be changed in the Project Settings, alongside adding a cover image for the project. We recommend using Images in 1920 x 1080 when possible, but we do support higher resolutions. 


The Visuals Tile supports images in the JPEG and PNG format, as well as GIFs and Videos in the MP4 format (GIF's and Videos are limited to one per Visuals Tile). A Visual Tile can be titled at the top and consists of four panels: Preview (left), Layers (top), Adjustments (middle) and Preview controls (bottom).  


Creators can create new layers in the Layer panel and move them up and down in a hierarchy. You can add any of the support formats using the cloud button next to where it says “Layers.”


The adjustments panel features many different adjustments, including changing opacity, the speed and delay of any movement across the screen and flipping the image. 


The preview panel is a timeline to view any effects or movements added. Images can be moved around, resized and rotated. There are Start and End buttons that allow images to be moved from their start and end position. Underneath, there is a box that changes how long effects can take (defaulted at five seconds.)

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With the Preview panel, visuals can be moved, resized and rotated. There are two buttons at the top - Start and End. These buttons allow the Creator to make adjustments to the start, and end of the playback such as a zoom. The Preview controls and Adjustments panel can then be used to change how long it takes for the image to zoom in.

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Tips and Advice

Image Formats

We recommend using JPEG format if you don’t require transparency on your image. PNG’s can be used, but we recommend saving them for layers that require transparency. 

Reducing Data

Be wary that using images with larger resolutions and file sizes can negatively affect your RichCast Title. More data to transfer can increase the time to stream to the player's device, meaning they may experience delays when making choices and loading images - especially on older, less powerful devices.

We support higher resolution images in case you want to zoom into an image and get a crisper look, but you should only use this if required.

We recommend you compress your images. The amount of compression depends on the detail of the image, so make sure there is no noticeable loss of quality. Compression can drastically decrease the size of files, which in turn gives a better experience for your Players.


If you do not have a way of having visuals yourself, you could consider commissioning someone from or using royalty-free visuals. We have a list of resources here.