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Resources Introduction

We have devised many different tutorials alongside our Help guide, which can be found on our YouTube channel. There are also tutorials built into RichCast, which you will see on the top shelf. We recommend going through them, from left to right, to get to grips with the system and tools.

Creators may want to add audio and visuals to their project, but don't have the means to create them. Below, we have created a list of resources that will provide copyright-free material. Some websites are free, others are paid. Some may require credit, which you can do in the Licenses box in the Settings of the project.

Resources Introduction

Audio Software

Audacity is the top-rated, free audio tool for recording voiceovers. You can also create some small sound effects and potentially music too.


Cakewalk is a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and is a great tool to create music.


LMMS is another free, open-source DAW you can use to create music.


List of other audio software here:- Beware, some of these you need to purchase.

Alternative To - Has a list of Alternative Software for popular, premium products.

Lalal - Vocal and Soundtrack separator tool. Different paid plans to suit your needs.

Audio Software
Audio Libraries

Audio Libraries

Any sound effects or music you use must be owned by you, licenced, granted permission to use, or in public domain. Below are websites you can obtain sound effects and music from.


Freesfx. - You must credit FreeSFX in the credits of your Title.


Freesound - Has many free sound effects (look at the descriptions of the sound on whether you can use them, and whether you need to credit them or not.)


Sfxr - An 8 or 16 bit sound effects generator. Useful for things like pickup sounds, damage taken and keys used. Totally free to use.


Soundly. Massive library of sound effects. Has multiple plans, including a free one.


FreeToUseSounds - has a huge library for only $23.


Sonnis releases free sound effects yearly.


BBC sound effects - can purchase individual effects for £5 each.


Fesliyanstudios. - Massive library of free music, ambient music and sound effects.  They do request a donation if using commercially.


Kevin Macleod - All his songs are free to use as long as you credit him.

Mixkit - Loads of free Music, Sound Effects and Stock Video Clips. They are also linked with a Premium website called Envato Elements.

Fiverr - A great website to hire Freelance Audio designers and Voice actors for your Title.

Image/Video/GIF Software.

Image/Video/GIF Software

Paint net. - Loads of tools in the form of plugins. Nice replacement for Photoshop.


Krita. - Another free art program similar to Photoshop.


Sketchbook. - Created by Autodesk. Totally free.


Pixlr. - Free, in-browser photo editor. Has paid options for extra features.


GIMP.- Free, open-source photo editing software.


Remove BG. Removes backgrounds from images with perfect edging. Free medium resolution, paid high resolution.


Hnet. - Allows you to upload a video and create a GIF for free. Lower frames for longer clips.


EzGIF. Allows you to add several images to go in a slideshow-style GIF for free. Lots of options for resizing, quality and time between pictures. Provides transparent GIF's.


Pixteller. Can make your own animated posts. Download via MP4 (or GIF if paid). Can use Hnet to make the MP4 a GIF. Great for Pixel Art.

ScreenToGIF allows you to make GIFs, as well as record your screen and turn that into a GIF.

Davinci Resolve 17 is a great, all round video editor that you can get for free - or pay for extra features.

Windows 10 has a built in screen recorder and video editor using the Photos app. 

Alternative To - Has a list of Alternative Software for popular, premium products.

Image Libraries

Please make sure to only use images that you have permission, have licensed, have ownership over or know are within the public domain. You can see the legalities around using imagery here.


Totally free and open license image sources:


Wikimedia Commons.- Some may require you to license or credit artists.


Flickr. - Check the copyright on each photo. Some will be free use, some you will need licenses for.


Nasa Gallery. - with exception of the Nasa logos themselves and any image with a person in it. Need to credit.


Unsplash. - They ask for you to credit the artist if possible.


Stockfreeimages. - Unlimited images at a smaller resolution. Can demo and purchase a plan with their sister website Dreamstime for other resolutions.


Morguefile - An image gallery of high quality, free, free-to-use images. As long as it has a “Morguefile License”, you are free to use them.


Freeimages - Another great, free image gallery where you can use any image as long as it has a Freeimages Content License.

Freepik - Lots of free illustrations, often cartoon-style - check the licences and attribution of each image on the right hand side of the page.

Pexels - Lots of free images and videos. They ask for attribution if possible.

OpenMoji - 100's of free high quality Emoji's and icons


Premium (paid for) resources:


Shutterstock. - Also has music!




Adobe Stock.

Fiverr - A great website to hire Freelance Artists for your Title.

DeviantArt - Another great website to find freelance artists.

Artstation - Similar to DeviantArt.

Daz3D - A website to buy cheap 3D images that you can use.

Image Libraries

IP/Public Domain

Many famous novels are now out of copyright. Instead, they are in the public domain. This happens either 70 or 75 years after the death of the author. However, you have to be careful that if films are made, any additional content they added beyond the books is copyright of the film and not part of the public domain. 

A great example of this is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The book never gave the dwarfs names, so whilst you can use most things about the story, you can not use the names that Disney gave them.

To be safe, 75 years ago was the start of the second world war. So Anything before WWII is fair game. A great example of this is Sherlock Holmes. - Original stories.

Here is a list of sources that can be used without any copyright issues.

Archive has a huge library of books, music, films and audiobooks that can be used freely.

Lotempio lists media that went into the public domain on January 1st 2019.

Likewise, Wikipedia has a list of media that went into the public domain on January 1st 2020 and 2021.


Project Getenberg attempts to host the texts of all out of copyright books. However, they use US copyright laws, so double-check with other sources before using anything.

Works that we have found:

Dracula, Frankenstein, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, War of the Worlds and Anything from Jules Verne, Call of Cthulhu.

Find more info see IP Advice

IP/Public Domain
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