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Leamington-based RichCast secures £500k Innovate UK investment

28th Sept 2022

Panivox, the Leamington-based company behind the groundbreaking RichCast next-generation media platform, working in collaboration with Staffordshire University, has been awarded approximately £500,000 in the form of a SMART Grant from Innovate UK, the Government’s innovation agency.

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TIGA 2022 Tools, Technology and Innovation Shortlist

21st Sept 2022

Following last years successful TIGA award, we're privileged to be shortlisted again for the Tools, Technology and Innovation TIGA award alongside great companies such as Epic Games and Guerrilla. The award ceremony is on November 10th - wish us luck!

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Develop:Star Awards Finalist

17th May 2022

We are honoured to be a finalist in the Best Technical Innovation category at the Develop:Star Awards. Our team will be at Develop: Brighton with a stand showing off RichCast from July 12th - 14th. Come say Hi!


RichCast Creator's Fund Revealed!

12th May 2022

Today we have launched our new £250,000 ($330,000) Creators Fund. This is to fund the newest and best RichCast's and fill our new platform with incredible content. For more information, check out our Creator's Fund page.

RichCast is now available in more territories!

9th May 2022

RichCast is now available in more countries! We will be slowly rolling out to even more countries in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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How can the industry and education bring through the next generation of games talent?   GamesIndustry.Biz


20th April 2022

Philip Oliver [Panivox] joins speakers from this week's Games Education Summit to discuss solving the skills shortage. The skills shortage in the UK games industry -- and elsewhere -- is putting a spotlight on how the sector can nurture talent for the future. At the same time, we are seeing a huge shift in working patterns, with studios and educational institutions adopting remote, flexible and hybrid working.

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Why the time is right for brands to get excited about interactive storytelling

23rd March 2022

As voice-interactivity explodes through the use of smartphones and smart speakers, PANIVOX CEO Dr Philip Oliver explores the untapped opportunity for brands when it comes to interactive storytelling.

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MH - TheKing'sWord - KeyArt 01.jpg
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MH - RoboCallCafe - KeyArt 02.jpg
MH - IAmAlive - KeyArt 01.jpg

"Make a RichCast" winners announced!

3rd Mar 2022

At the tail end of last year, we ran our first community competition in partnership with Wireframe Magazine. The competition - ‘Make a RichCast’ - was split into four categories: Best Fiction, Best Non-Fiction, Best Use of Audio and Best Use of Visuals. Each category had a winner who bagged themselves £2000, and a runner-up who netted £500, making a total of £10,000. Today, we are delighted to announce the winners.


Best Fiction: 

Kings Word by Giuseppe Ferrante

Runner Up: I am Alive by Zac Soliman


Best Non-Fiction: 

Learning Gaelic with Nessie by Thomas Milligan

Runner Up: Da Vinci’s Laboratory by Giuseppe Ferrante


Best Use of Audio: 

Aunt Doyle’s Treehouse Ep 01: The Peacemaker by Doyle Holz

Runner Up: SOMA 18 (Prologue) by Yonatan Tepperberg


Best Use of Visuals: 

Robo Space Cafe by Torie Jones

Runner Up: Stars and Lies by Zac Solimon, Summer Phelps, Jack Long, George Perry, Lou Adams and Elliot Gorny


We had some stunning entrants. Creative Director, Dr Andrew Oliver, had this to say “It was great to see these people take RichCast and make such diverse projects. It was fun playing them, not knowing where they would take you next. I hope all entrants enjoyed and learnt lots from creating these RichCast's.”

To learn more about our winners and their fantastic projects, read our piece in Wireframe Issue 60. All winning Titles are available to play today, for free, on our RichCast app! 

Details of the Original Competition can be found here.

LGF - Official Selection Laurels_2022.png

Pocket Gamer Awards Finalist

March 2022

Privileged to have been selected for London Games Festival for Narrative Excellence.

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Pocket Gamer Awards Finalist

Feb 2022

We are delighted to have been selected for these prestigious awards, in the Best Tools Category.

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TIGA win.png

RichCast wins a TIGA Award!

26th Nov 2021

Yesterday, we were delighted to hear the news that RichCast had won the “Best Technical Innovation” award at the TIGA Games Industry Awards, trumping the likes of Sony Interactive Entertainment and XR Studios - two amazing companies.


CEO of Panivox Dr. Philip Oliver had this to say after our win. “We’re absolutely delighted to have won the TIGA Best Technical Innovation 2021 for RichCast. We really are just at the start of a journey with this revolutionary App that allows Players to become Creators of Voice-First Interactive Narrative experiences! This award will really help support us going forward, so we thank you, TIGA and the judges, for the recognition from all the team at PANIVOX.”


We are still in early days, so seeing support and recognition like this is incredible. Once again, thank you TIGA for awarding us with this prestigious award.

West Wales Chronicle


18th Nov '21


RichCast empowers the creation of groundbreaking, engaging, interactive experiences, while teaching key skills such as narrative story writing and ‘No-Code’ programming.


Early Access now open following live project for Create Central’s Video Games Production Bootcamp and Welsh universities pilot, enabling schools, universities and students to take advantage of RichCast’s desktop tools for creative learning.

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Wireframe Feature   

5th Oct '21

RichCast is an upcoming platform designed to let just about anyone make voice-activated, interactive experiences. Co-creator Philip Oliver tells us all about it.

The explosion of creative, left-field indie games we’ve enjoyed over the past decade or so has been thanks in no small part to the growth of platforms like GameMaker, Unity, and Unreal Engine....... 


Wireframe Magazine

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29th Sept '21

RichCast promises ‘voice-driven’ interactive stories and podcasts

Spotify likes to see itself as the on-demand audio platform that will kill off ‘linear radio’, but even its audio is still linear in the sense that you choose a track, playlist or podcast and listen to it. However, the emergence of smart speakers and voice assistants has seen some experimentation around interactive audio, such as Choose Your Own Adventure-style branching narratives. Something that Netflix has also explored in the video space. A British startup called Panivox is hoping to build on this with its own platform called RichCast, which is launching later this year.


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Gamasutra Press Release

28th Sept '21

PANIVOX has today unveiled RichCast ( – a completely new genre of voice-driven interactive entertainment that empowers user-generated content creators, and delivers groundbreaking experiences for creative writers, influencers and consumers.

RichCast’s goal is to democratise the creation and distribution of high quality, voice-driven interactive narrative content – targeting the hundreds of millions of people across the world who enjoy consuming and creating digital content in all its forms.        


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28th Sept '21

Inside The Oliver Twins' user-generated, voice-controlled, make-your-own-game platform.

Philip Oliver talks us through Panivox's plans to turn anyone who can write into a game developer

The democratisation of video games development has opened up the industry over the past decade, thanks to the likes of Unity and Epic Games making their engines more accessible in terms of pricing and usability. But there are some that still believe the barriers to game creation can be lowered even further.

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28th Sept '21

Panivox decloaks its RichCast voice-driven interactive platform.

UK startup Panivox has announced RichCast, its new voice-driven interactive entertainment platform. Co-founded by Philip and Andrew Oliver and Neil Campbell, Panivox was established with the vision to create the tools and community to allow a new kind of audio-first gaming. For players, RichCast will deliver what it labels "next generation of narrative audio experiences" direct to a mobile app.  


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