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Recentre and Grouping

When clicking the Recentre button, the camera will return to the highlighted tile. If no tiles are highlighted, the camera will focus on the Start Tile.

Creators may wish to Group Tiles together. This can be done by clicking the Group button on the Toolbar and dragging around the desired Tiles, or holding down right click and dragging around the Tiles.

Groups need to be pinned and named to become permanent. Creators can change the colour of the group by clicking the colour icon where the pin was. Groups can also be locked.

Groups are a great way to move multiple Tiles across a page easily, as well as copy and paste multiple Tiles at once.

Recentre and Grouping


These tools are the usual tools that you find in most programs. Simply click on them, or use the Keyboard shortcuts found in the Shortcuts section. Tiles will be pasted where the middle of your camera is.

Script Editor June 23.PNG

Script Editor

The Script Editor allows Creators to see any Speak Tiles from any Actor on any Page in a condensed view. Specific words can also be searched for and filtered. This tool allows for quick editing of multiple Tiles.

Creators have the option to show Notes and Choice Tiles alongside Speak Tiles - with both able to be toggled on and off.

Creators can open a Speak Tile using the green "Open" button, while the purple button will take them to that specific Page and Tile. 

Using the file button at the top, Creators can export their scripts into a CSV file.

Page Manager
Page Manager May 22.PNG

Page Manager

The Page Manager allows Creators to see every page in a grid system. Zooming in and out will provide more/less details - such as the page name, tile layout and word count. The total amount of Tiles, Words and Warnings are displayed on the bottom right of the screen.

Creators can create, rename, delete and copy pages (except the Start Page) using the buttons at the bottom left of the screen.


Creators can alter the page order by holding down left click on a page and dragging it into a new position. This will also update the Page Tab Bar on the Editor.

Actors and Voice Acting


Manage is a feature that is in development. This button will allow Creators to easily manage their project.

Manage Sep 22.PNG

Actors are characters that speak within your RichCast Title. Each project starts with a male and female narrator as default, but more can be created. Simply click on the add actor button, give the actor a name, and hit the tick.


Options will appear allowing different voices to be chosen. The speed and pitch of speech can also be altered for the majority of voices. A character description can be added in the notes box.


Creators can use the filter option to find a voice suitable for their character. If a Creator wishes to rename or delete an Actor, they can do so via the button that appears next to the Create Actor button when an Actor is selected. 


These Actors can then be selected in the Speak Tile.


Voice Acting can be used as a replacement for the text-to-speech narrator. There is an upload button under the notes box in the Speak Tile that voice clips can be selected. These clips need to be imported into the project, and in the MP3, WAV or OGG format. Text can still be added in the right box to display on screen, but if there is a Voice Clip added, there will be no additional narration by a text-to-speech narrator.

Actors June 23.PNG


Creators can also add collaborators using the Team button. To do this, select whether you want the person you're adding to be a player, collaborator or admin using the tabs, and type their RichCast username or Email in the box above. They will receive an email inviting them, and a link to confirm the invitation. After clicking the link, the project will appear on the collaborators "My Projects" shelf. Only project owners and admins can add users and publish projects, while collaborators can remove themselves. Players can only play the Project - they cannot enter the Editor.

Using the buttons at the bottom of the panel, Project owners can move other members of the Team to different roles.

Note: If multiple people edit the same project on the same account, you may lose work. Please use separate accounts where possible.


Creators can see analytics on their project using the Analytics button. They can see the amount of players and completion rate within a select period of time. They can also see a heatmap of what tiles/routes were selected. Analytics is still in development, so will be improved in due course.

Version History

Version History allows you to return to a previous snapshot of your project in case you delete something that you meant to keep. You can keep going back and forth between snapshots - although at present, you cannot copy something from an old snapshot and bring it into a newer one. We are working to change this.




The Media button allows Creators to import Audio, Video and Images - either local or online. Using the top button, Creators will can locate their file, while they can click the cloud icon and paste a URL to import a file online. The Creator will be asked if they own/have the rights to their asset - and whether they want to add any tags to make searching assets easier within the project.


These files will then be ready to use in an Audio or Visual Tile respectively. The path of the previous imported file will remain selected until the Creator closes RichCast, making it easier to import multiple files.

Version History

Test Mode

The Test button brings up a console, alongside a mobile screen. This allows a Creator to test their Title - either from the start, or a highlighted tile (using the circle and arrow button).


The console will show what tile is being played, whether any logic has been accessed, and what user inputs have been recognized by the system. Creators can also click the bug icon on the right to scan through tiles and find common faults such as loose ends.


We suggest testing RichCasts regularly. Sometimes the system will mishear the player - especially around fictional names and places, or players with strong accents - and translate it to a similar word. This can cause false negatives.

However, Creators can combat this by testing their Title, seeing what word(s) the system recognizes, and adding that to their Choice Tile. For example, “Virizion” is recognized as “Parisian” or “Verizon” depending on the user's pronunciation. 

The variables shown on the console can be changed by selecting the "Watch" option on a variable in the Variable Editor.

Creators can click the fullscreen button to see their project in fullscreen, and use the button to the right of fullscreen to turn on/off subtitles.

test_mode_apr_23-removebg-preview (1).png


The Settings button allows:


- The Project name to be changed.

- A description of the project to be added.

- Creators and Contributors to be credited.

- Copyright and License information to be added.

- Keywords and tags to be added.

- The option to change whether the RichCast is played in Portrait or Landscape Mode.

- A cover image to be added.

- Whether any buttons are displayed on the screen.

- The option to state whether the project is part of a series (and if so, what number.)

- The option to publish the project, and how much it costs in RC$. (Pending Panivox's approval)

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