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Choice Tiles

Choice Tiles allow for player interaction. The system listens for listed Keywords, and if there is a match, the flow will continue. Keywords need to be matched exactly, so the more that are added, the more likely there will be a match. Each Keyword/phrase should be added on a new line. You do not need to add punctuation.


Fictional names will sometimes be translated into real words, so we suggest testing your Title using the test mode - where the console will show what the system heard. Creators should add those results to your Keywords. E.G “Virizion” becomes “Verizon” or “Parisian” depending on the user’s pronunciation. Likewise, this helps negative false negatives from people with strong accents.


Creators may wish to create an Keyword Group to speed up creation (i.e if a character goes by multiple names). This can be done using the button at the bottom of a Choice Tile, selecting "User" and clicking the plus at the bottom. Name the group, and add Keywords to the box below. Click the plus to save. These can be edited at any time using the box to the right There are some groups already made, such as Yes and No. Keyword Groups are underlined in the Choice Tile when active.


Other and Nothing can be selected using the dropdown. These will trigger if all other Keywords in other Choice Tiles have not been met. These are good as fallback Tiles, to allow the flow to continue even if there wasn't a match.



Other will trigger if the user has said something that isn't in other Choice Tiles, while Nothing will trigger if nothing has been said after a period of time (that the Creator can change.)

Buttons can be turned on and off in the project settings. The title of the Choice Tile will be the text of the button, and buttons will appear in height order (e.g the highest choice tile will be the top button.) In each Choice Tile, Creators can turn on and off specific buttons using the tickbox. This is helpful to hide puzzles. Selecting the "One Shot" tickbox will hide a choice after it has been selected once.

Creators may also wish to use the "No Voice" option. This option's sole focus is to provide a button to the player. This can be useful when combined with compound answers.

Connecting Two or more Choice Tiles together will create a "Compound Answer". For example choice tiles with "Tea" "Milk" and "Sugar" connected together will allow Players to say "I'd like a Tea with Milk and Sugar Please!"

choice tile june 23.PNG

Tips and Advice

Choice Tile

Make sure choices are used frequently, and impact the narrative. This will make the player feel involved and engaged in your story. This could simply be choices that give the player more information so they can make better decisions throughout the Title.


Don’t just use Yes/No/Other answers to progress your story. Make your choices unique, meaningful and impactful. Consider reading up on meaningful play.


Have an Other Choice Tile alongside your other Choice Tiles. This allows the story to progress, even if the player has said something other than what was listed. Be careful not to break the illusion though!


Think of choices based on various knowledge:

  • General knowledge - They’ve been asked something that they could or should know.

  • Title knowledge - Was the player listening?

  • Common sense - Asking them if they are doing the right thing.


If you are planning on having multiple Keywords in lots of Choice Tiles, make a Keyword Group. 

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