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Bringing Stories to Life

RichCast is an innovative platform that lets players step into a world of captivating interactive stories on their mobile or tablet devices.

Through a unique voice recognition system, players steer the storyline by speaking to RichCast or using on-screen buttons.


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RichCast Mobile
Download RichCast
Download RichCast
Download RichCast
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For Players

Step into a new world of exhilirating interactive adventures where your choices drive the story forward.

Explore our diverse library of titles from thrilling sci-fi escapades to gripping horror tales, heartwarming romances and compelling true stories.

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Make Your Own Choices

Players take the helm of their own journey, controlling the narrative according to their own decisions.

Through an intuitive voice recognition system or simple on-screen buttons, choices directly impact how the story progresses.

With an array of endings and pathways, the player takes full control of the action.

Eclectic Genres

RichCast has something for everyone with our diverse catalogue spanning multiple genres.

Engage in immersive horror tales, laugh with heartwarming romances, or learn about inspiring true stories.

Characters come to life allowing you to talk to them, learn their stories and engage in real conversation.

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