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Bringing Stories to Life

RichCast is an exciting new platform tailored for both players and creators alike.

Using our user friendly, no-code editor, creating exciting interactive stories and adventures has never been easier.

Creators can instantly publish their titles to mobile where players can experience a new level of exploration, using on screen buttons or our unique voice recognition system to control the action.
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For Players

Step into a new world of exhilirating interactive adventures where your choices drive the story forward.

Explore our diverse library of titles from thrilling sci-fi escapades to gripping horror tales, heartwarming romances and compelling true stories.

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For Creators

Use RichCast's intuitive no-code editor to bring your creative visions to life effortlessly.

Craft interactive adventures with ease, incorporating voice controls, audio-visual effects and AI voices to enhance your narrative.

Own your creations and share them with the world by publishing across all devices.

An Introduction to RichCast


All RichCast player features are supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Creators can take advantage of the large screen environment on their tablet, laptop or desktop.

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