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Bringing Stories to Life

Player, Editor and Publishing Platform for Interactive Stories & More
No coding required
Free to Play with In-App Purchases

For Players

The New World of Rich Media Interactive titles.

Fiction or non-Fiction - RichCast lets you make decisions just by speaking.

Buttons are also available if you'd prefer.

For Creators

RichCast's powerful integrated No-Code editor allows you to create anything from your imagination.


Make interactive stories, and videos with voice controls, audio-visual effects and AI voices to bring your words to life. You own your story and can publish it to the world.


An Introduction to RichCast

All RichCast player features are supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Creators can take advantage of the large screen environment on their tablet, laptop or desktop.


Multi Platform

Expanding Library of Titles

In our ever-expanding library, you'll find titles from all different genres. 

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