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A Platform for Creators

RichCast opens up infinite possibilities for you to be creative, collaborative and share with friends or publish to the world.

Create Interactive Titles for players to explore and engage with like never before. 

Text is automatically converted to Speech with over 150 AI Voices Available.

Or add you own Voice Acting.

You own and control the titles you create. Later you'll be able to earn royalties from them.

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The RichCast Editor is so easy to use and so powerful that it caters for everyone.

Creators own their content and can earn* from it.

(*planned to introduce in 2022)

No code or scripting language.

Simple drag-and-drop tiles and links

Probably the simplest programming system ever!


Voice input, backed up by

on-screen buttons


Import text, audio, images, gifs and videos


Own and control your own work


High quality AI voices


A ready-made audience



Analytics and easy iteration


Dynamic visuals and effects


Generous royalties



Age gate settings

We commission Interactive Writers
 Find out more!

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