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RichCast Editor

A Platform for Creators

Discover limitless creative potential with RichCast.


Craft interactive titles for players to explore and engage with like never before.


Enjoy the freedom to create, share, and publish your content. 


Easily create and share interactive titles for all devices.


Customize your own choices, dialogue, images, and audio. RichCast doesn't require any coding. 

With RichCast you can get started on your own player-driven stories in minutes!



Engage your players in immersive dialogue experiences where characters come to life through speech.

Utilise our extensive collectiong of over 150 AI voice actors or import your own audio for a personalised touch. Simply type what you want your character to say.

Empower players to interact with your title through our voice recognition system or simple to set up on screen buttons, available in range of custom designs.

RichCast Speak Tile


Create and upload visuals to your Titles or choose from the built in media Library.

RichCast upports multi-layered animations, using Stills (JPEGs, PNGs), Animations (GIFs) and Video (MP4s) and Touch Points.

The visual tile also has an intuitive green screen feature for seamlessly removing backgrounds.

RichCast Visual Tile


Elevate your title with immersive ambiance, music and sound effects.

Choose from a variety of sounds within our media library or upload your own audio.

With RichCast you can effortlessly customise your sounds by adjusting pitch, fading in, delaying or adding our own in built effects.

RichCast Audio Tile

Voice input, backed up by

on-screen buttons


Generous royalties



High quality AI voices


Own and control your own work


Dynamic visuals and effects


Analytics and easy iteration


Import text, audio, images, gifs and videos


Age gate settings

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