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Testing in RichCast

Testing your title in the RichCast Editor allows you

to check your project runs smoothly before publishing.



  • Organise your project using our Junctions, Comments, Groups and Pages. A neat project is so much easier to work on. 

  • Use Junctions to help with tile layout. We recommend either rails (going from left to right and back again) or ladders (Junctions in the middle, with offshots above and below the Junction.)

  • Keep Comments around your project to remind yourself of what’s going on, especially around complex/multiple Logic Tiles.

Test Test Test!

  • Use the Test console to test sections of your Title to make sure it plays as expected and that all choices function.

  • Have friends playtest! As the Creator, you know the correct answers - they don’t. This’ll allow you to find pain points you’d not thought of.

RichCast Tiles: A Quick Guide

Speak Tile: controls what a character says using an automatic text to speech system. Audio files can be assigned to a speak tile if you are using a voice actor.

Choice Tile: displays on screen choices that the player can pick from. The player can tap buttons or use their voice to decide,

Audio Tile: plays uploaded audio files such as music and ambiance. The audio tile also offers built in audio effects.

Visual Tile: adds images and video to your title. Using in built effects you can customise how they appear.

Logic Tile: gives RichCast a memory and can be used for things such as keeping a score or unlocking a new route.

Pages Tile: used to separate your project into pages. This is great for keeping your project organised!

Junction Tile: an organisational tool that allows you to route your flow in a neat and concise way.

Comment Tile: lets you leave sticky notes in your project. This isn't seen by the player.

  • When used in conjunction with blocking, Wait tiles come in useful between Visual tiles on their own thread, allowing you to pace the visuals of your title. 

  • As closely placed visual tiles will jump slightly due to the implementation of the fade option, it’s good to have a basic wait of 0.3 seconds between any back to back Visual tiles. This can also be extended for pacing.

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