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Characters in RichCast

It’s important that characters are easily identified and memorable.


Creating Characters

  • A great story can be crafted with two or three main characters.

  • Consider what the player might want to ask your characters. Your choices don’t all have to impact the story progression. A simple ‘How Are You?’ or ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ can add depth and reality to a character’s interaction.

  • Give your character personality to make them memorable. Players will remember a funny, stern, crazy, or kind character.

  • Use logic to build a relationship with your characters. Giving the player the choice to give friendly or hostile responses can allow a real relationship to grow with your characters reacting to how they are treated.

  • Use the ‘Buddy’ system. Having someone to talk with the player, guide, and prompt them when needed can make designing your title much easier. This could be a friend, an assistant, a sidekick, or even someone guiding the player via radio.

  • Make your characters distinguishable from each other. If you have two blonde middle-aged women as central characters, people will get confused very easily.

  • Don’t overload the player with a character’s back story. It often isn’t necessary; rather, drip-feed them information as you go on. Not only does this keep players interested, but they are also more likely to retain the information.

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