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Storytelling in RichCast

RichCast can help you bring your story to life in endless ways! Here are some tips on crafting the best title possible.



  • Make sure your story title is short, catchy, memorable, and intriguing.

  • Remember, players won't immediately know what your story is about. Make the title suggestive of the theme.

  • Use simple text and avoid made-up words, this makes your title more memorable

  • Use alliteration to make your title catchier. A western title could be ‘Dusty Dawn’ or a Sci-Fi title could be ‘Quantum Quest’.

Genre & Theme

  • Consider your audience. What makes your title special to them?

  • Approach your writing as a fan yourself. Would you play and enjoy your story?

  • RichCast is suited to short, fun, and snappy stories. Avoid anything too heavy or lengthy to keep your player's interest piqued.  

  • Use existing popular themes and styles and make it your own!


  • Every title in RichCast needs a description. This is is limited to 150 characters so make every character count!

  • Hook players by getting them to understand the genre, setting, objective of the story and the role they will play.  Make it sound exciting and intriguing.

Who Is The Player?

  • The nature of an interactive story means the action revolves around the player's decisions. The player must have empathy for the main character!

  • Make a clear and compelling objective so the player understands what their goal is.

  • Consider when events are happening. Is your story in the present world or the past?

  • Is the player playing in first person, or are they directing a character?

Keep It Simple

  • A good RichCast story presents challenges, but doesn't leave the player confused, lost or feeling stupid!

  • Get straight into the action and give players choices early on. Avoid lengthy intros and back stories.

  • Try to limit your choices at any one time to between 2 and 4 to avoid the player feeling overwhelmed.

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