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How to Install

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RichCast works on Windows 10 or 11 and MacOS Big Sur (or newer).

Click the relevant Button above to install to your OS.

RichCast is currently available in English only.

We are working on adding formats, features, languages and rolling out in all territories.

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Note: If using the Microsoft Store version, you will need to have Online Speech Recognition enabled. To do this, go to the Windows Speech Settings, click the "Speech Privacy Settings" button, and turn Online Speech Recognition to "On."


RichCast Icon squiggle VYXL hack sm.png

How to create your own RichCast projects

If you would like to create your own RichCast Project, please create an account.


From there, once on the main browser, click the Account button (top right) and "My Projects."

You'll be shown two shelves - Tutorials and My Projects. 

Click "New Project" on the "My Projects" shelf, and name your project.

If you have any issues, please email or contact a Community Manager on our Discord Server.

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