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On a PC or Mac there are install buttons here

RichCast is now available on

The Windows Store and Mac Store


Note. RichCast works on Windows 10 or 11 and MacOS Big Sur (or newer)

RichCast is in Early Access and currently available in English and in these Territories:

  • United Kingdom    

  • United States

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Armenia

  • Antigua

  • Algeria

  • Ireland

  • New Zealand

  • Vietnam

  • Singapore

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Thailand

  • Bahamas

  • Jamaica

  • Bermuda

  • Barbados

  • Cayman Islands

  • Denmark

  • Dominican Republic

  • Finland

  • Grenada

  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • Luxembourg

  • Norway

  • Netherlands

  • St. Vincent

  • St Lucia

  • St. Kitts + Nevis

  • Sweden

  • Trinidad And Tobago

  • British Virgin Islands

More Coming Soon.

Outside these territories and need access? Contact to request a build.



Open the Microsoft/Apple Store using the buttons above.

Click Get/Install and log into your Microsoft/Apple account. The download will then start. When the download is finished, click Open.

It's as easy as that!


Sign Up

You will be brought to a sign-in page.

We recommend you click the SIGN-IN/UP button and fill in the details.

You can choose PLAY AS GUEST but this will limit the titles and features available.

You can convert the Guest account later if you prefer in Account Settings.


Shelf Browser

Once complete, you will be brought to the Shelf Browser.

Here you can play some of the RichCast titles already published, by clicking on them.

Since RichCast is so new there are currently only a few titles - many more will be created by us and the community soon.


Account Info

You can access these at any time by clicking the account button in the top right of the Browser. This will allow you to change your avatar, check the build number and release notes, and also change your microphone and screen settings. We recommend you check to make sure RichCast is using the right microphone, and run a calibration test to set the correct thresholds.

Please note: If using the Microsoft Store version, you will need to have Online Speech Recognition enabled. To do this, go to the Windows Speech Settings, then click the "Speech Privacy Settings" button, and turn Online Speech Recognition to "On."

Create your Own RichCast Projects

To create your own Titles, click the account button and "Your Projects." You'll be shown two shelves - tutorials and Your Projects. You can access the tutorials at any time, and either play them or copy them to your My Projects shelf by clicking on the Tutorial and clicking "Duplicate." (This may take a few seconds.)

Now you're all set up! 

Enjoy RichCast!


When a new update is released, there will be a notification message when you load up the app. Simply close the app, return to the store page and click "update."

If you have any installation issues, please email or contact a Community Manager on our Discord Server.