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Competition In Association With





We gave away a huge


We offered 4 competition prizes of £2,000 for winners.

Plus 4 prizes of £500 for runners up in the categories of:

Best Fiction

Best Non-Fiction

Best Use of Audio

Best Use of Visuals

The competition was open to anybody over the age of 13.

RichCast includes a powerful and unique 'No Code' editor

for creating amazing Interactive Experiences.

The competition ran to January 7th 2022.

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And the winners are...


Best Fiction

The King’s Word    By  Giuseppe Ferrante

Genre: Mediaeval RPG

Synopsis : You’re crowned as the Lord of a realm and gain the power of the Old Words - speaking specific words to achieve certain magical effects. Use these words to deal with corrupt ministers, moral choices, monsters and mimics.

MH - TheKing'sWord - KeyArt 01.jpg
Awards02c - Fiction 1st.png
MH - IAmAlive - KeyArt 01.jpg
Awards02c - Fiction 2nd.png

I Am Alive    By  Zac Soliman

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Amnesia Adventure

Synopsis : You wake up after a post-apocalyptic event with nothing except the need to survive.


Best Non-Fiction

MH - LGWN - KeyArt 06.jpg
Awards02c - NonFiction 1st.png

Learn Gaelic With Nessie    By  Thomas Milligan

Genre: Educational

Synopsis : Join Nessie in this first lesson and begin your journey into Gaelic! Travel around Scotland learning fun and helpful phrases as well as interesting facts about the places you visit.

Da Vinci’s Laboratory    By  Giuseppe Ferrante

Genre: Educational Cyberpunk

Synopsis : An interactive exploration of the renaissance genius, Leonardo Da Vinci.

MH - DaVinci'sLaboratory - KeyArt 02.png
Awards02c - NonFiction 2nd.png

Best use of Audio

Aunt Doyle’s Treehouse    By  Doyle Holz

Genre: Kid’s Mental Health

Synopsis : A journey to the Land of the Elves turns into a discussion about emotions.

SOMA 18 - Prologue    By  Yonatan Tepperberg

Genre: Cyberpunk

Synopsis : SOMA 18 is set in a world of technological breakthroughs and magical powers: but great power always comes with great responsibility.

MH - AuntDoylesTreehouse - KeyArt 02.jpg
Awards02c - BUOAudio 1st.png
MH - Soma18 - KeyArt 02.jpg
Awards02c - BUOAudio 2nd.png
The Floor.jpg

Best use of Visuals

Robo Call Cafe    By  Torie Jones

Genre: SciFi Game

Synopsis : Why not have a go serving food in a Sci-Fi cafe where the clients are robots and their demands are endless.

MH - RoboCallCafe - KeyArt 02.jpg
Awards02c - BUOVisuals 1st.png
MH - StarsAndLies - KeyArt 01 (1).png
Awards02c - BUOVisuals 2nd.png

Stars and Lies   By  Zac Solimon, Summer Phelps, Jack Long,
                            George Perry, Lou Adams, Elliot Gorny

Genre: Historic Murder Mystery

Synopsis : A victorian murder mystery interactive fiction story.

All projects are available to play now on RichCast

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