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Age Ratings

RichCast Age Ratings Guidance

Last updated January 2022


RichCast allows you, the content creator, to give your title one of the following age ratings:


Suitable for Everyone


Suitable for 12 Years Olds

and older


Suitable for 15 Year Olds

and older


Suitable for 18 Years Olds

and older

The following table is provided to help guide you to choose a suitable age rating for your title.

It is intended as high-level guidance only and does not constitute legal advice.

If your title contains material from one or more of the categories listed then please rate your Title with the highest given rating from any relevant category.


Please note the following are not permitted in any titles:

  • Graphic sexual content and nudity

  • Promotion of terrorism, extremist views or any such content

  • Promotion of any racist, discriminatory or extremist religious views or content

Please refer to Section 5 of the RichCast EULA for more guidance on what material is/is not acceptable in your titles.

Please see the Intellectual Property Advice section regarding the use of Intellectual Property

Any Title found to be in violation of using non-permissible material or has an inappropriate age rating for the title may be removed as per section 5.8 in the EULA.